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Incoterms repository >>
贸易术语 Incoterms repository
外贸常识 trade repository
报送指南 apply to the customs guide
检验检疫 inspection quarantine
保险知识 insurance knowledge
运输导航 transportation guide
国际结算 international settlement
加工贸易 processing trade
世界时差 world time
世界货币 currency code
商贸展览 trade show
世界区号 world code
国家评级 country rating table

New wisdom Miner's lamp >>
mineral lamp >>
LED miner's lamp NEW
KL8M mineral lamp
KL10M mineral lamp
KL8M The old lamp (left) compare with our li-ion battery lamp (right)
Charger >>
GWB-15 Portable Charger
KCLA-102 series charger rack
ZLCD-34 charger module to reborn the old rack

New wisdom pen >>
Metal pen
Plastic Pen
Ball Pen
Other pen
Refill And Ink
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Knowledge battery and lamp >>
A Glossary of Battery Terms
About lamp special vocabulary comparation list
Battery Energy Density
Battery FAQ
battery knowledge
Battery statistics
Battery Tips Contents
Charging lithium-ion batteries
Discharge methods
Discharging temperature
Future battery
history mineral lamp
How charge
Industrial Standard Cylindrical Battery Sizes
lithium-ion the ideal battery
Rechargeable able Battery
the best battery
When was the battery invented

Electronic products
Gifts & Crafts

New wisdom knowledge >>
Pen knowledge
Proverbs of Pen
History ball pen
Parker Pen Story
Ballpoint Pens Work
Pen Technology
History of the Ballpoint
Ballpoint Design
The Ink
Unusual Ballpoints
How Pencil made
acme pens
Famous brands of pen
Trade knowledge (Chinese and English)
When was the battery invented?
History mineral lamp
What's the best battery?
Is lithium-ion the ideal battery?
How to charge - when to charge table
Charging lithium-ion batteries
Discharge methods
Discharging at high and low temperature
Future battery
Battery statistics

New wisdom link >>
are specialized with the modern technology li-ion battery series mineral lamps
battery and LED safety lamps
51eCard, Game Card, Telephone Card, Internet Card, IP Card, Other Card
Spire Zone Game Information
51eCard Game Information
Si Lu Web Log
High clear map
members pens
pen technology
Miner's lamp Digest
plastic pen and knowledge
pen Knowledge, plastic pen
plastic pen
pen home
safety lamp
cap lamp
safety cap lamp
pen ball pen
cap lamp
safety lamp
history cap lamp
LED lamp
cap lamp
history safety lamp
safety lamp
cap lamp
history safety lamp
LED lamp
mining lamp
LED lamp
miner's lamp
mineral lamp
history safety lamp
history cap lamp or safety lamp
history safety lamp
cap lamp
history safety lamp and knowledge
safety cap lamp
cap lamp
safety lamp and cap lamp
cap lamp LED light
LED light cap lamp and miner's lamp
cap lamp li-ion battery
safety lamp
cap lamp, history safety lamp
safety cap lamp LED light li-ion battery

֤ƶ: ͵IJ֤֤  ֤ϵϿƶ(quality certification system department CNACR)  ֤ĹʻϿƶ(international standard system)  ULƷ֤(UL certification)  GSƷȫ֤(GS certification)  ֲ: л񹲺͹ֲ߷ʵʩ(Regulations for the Implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine)  Law_of_Quarantine.htm" >л񹲺͹ֲ߷(the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine)(the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on the Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine) : ڰ(border ports sanitation control)  Ҫ(goods quarantine)  л񹲺͹ʳƷ߷  л񹲺͹߷ʵʩϸ  л񹲺͹߷  ԱҪ  Ʒ  װ  Ҫ Ʒ: ֪  ̼֤  ƷĹ涨  ʵʩڰȫ֤ĵ  Ʒȫƶ  ̼취  Ʒ֤취  л񹲺͹Ʒ鷨ʵʩ  :  ٷ   


̼֤飬ǸֽƷ֤顢֤֤ͳƣǶóйظԼ񡢴 ٲáϾ֤зݵЧ֤ҲǺšչ˰Żݼ˰ıҪ֤̼֤ ;ҪУ

1.Ʒʼ֤飬dzƷͽƷЧƾ֤Ʒ֤飬ǽƷ ءĺϷƾ֤̼ǩķеڱصϼӸǵķ̼֤ͬͨЧǩ ֪ͨͬΪ̼֤ʡ

2.֤飬dzƷ㡢ǩᵥͽƷЧƾ֤Ʒ֤飬 Ҳǹⱨ˰ͼ˷ѡװжõ֤

3.ҽ֤飬֤ڶƷʳƷߺϸ֤ڶ⡢ݡͷáƤ šëࡢࡢסµȳƷǶ⽻нͽڹͨҪ֤

4./֤飬֤ɹʳõijڶƷʳƷȾߺϸ֤ڳ¡ ͷ㡢ϺʳƷƷƷ۵ȣǶ⽻нͨŵЧ֤

5.֤飬֤ڶƷ֤ȫ֤סβƤšɽë ë˷ƷǶ⽻н͹ͨŵЧƾ֤

6.Ѭ֤飬֤ȡѡࡢƤŵƷԼװľֲȣѾѬ ֤顣

7.֤飬֤Ʒ֤ڽƷС̡աٵΪܻ ˻˻˵йηЧ֤

8.ؼ֤飬֤ͼװװȷػػΪ֤Լ֤ɹ ӻʱ֮á

9.Ʋֵ֤飬Ϊó׹ϵ˺˾ٲáʵйز⡢⡢еҪ ݡ

10..ռ֤飬֤˳ƷĴࡢ̡ܹЧܼǷϱƷ 밲ȫҪ󡣿Ϊ⴬Լ񣬶ó׹ϵлサӺʹ¹ʵ ݡ


12.֤飬dzƷڽڹܼͨ˰Żݴ֤Ʒصƾ֤ 13.տڼ֤顢װ/ж֤顢տڷʶ֤顢¿վ֤顢װװ/֤飬Ϊ֤ Լȷνޣڴ¹ʵ֤

14.ֵ֤飬Ϊڹչ˰ƾ֤ڷƱǩ̼ļֵֵ֤֤ͬ Ч




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