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NWB-25A LED miner's lamp Portable Charger NEW (2014-3)


High-efficiency Portable Charger

Range of Application: KL5M    KL8M    KL12M    KL5M-C

WISDOM NWB-25A: High-efficiency Portable Charger
Special charger with cord is faster twice than common charger

Special design for New Wisdom Lithium ion batteries Cap Lamp. To improve the service life of lithium ion batteries, to make charger full rapidly. Select world's top parts, develop special circuit.

Special charger with cord is faster twice than common charger
You can customized plug, Equip with Vehicle power socket.
 You can customized plug, Equip with Vehicle power socket.

Technical specifications

Features NWB-25A Specifications
AC input AC 100~240V±10%, 1A, 50~60Hz
DC input 7~30V, 2A
DC output voltage 4.56±0.05V(Max)
DC output current 2400mA±100mA(Max)
AC Plug US,EU,UK or AU standards for different markets
Size 55x73x115mm
Weight 260g
Charging time for KL5M 3~4 hours
Charging time for KL8M 5~6 hours
Charging time for KL12M about 6 hours
Charging time for KL5M-C 4~5 hours

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